Terms and Conditions

1. The IMG World of Adventures “Fly For Free" promotion (“Promotion”) is being advertised by IMG THEME PARK LLC ("Advertiser") for and on behalf of Inspire GBR Ltd (“Service Provider”). The Service Provider is providing all services directly to the consumer and it shall bear sole responsibility for all the deliverables of all services to all consumers who redeem the Free Flight Code voucher (“Voucher”) including but not limited to issuing flight tickets, managing all customer service related enquiries, compliance including any follow up services.

2. Only the purchaser of a qualifying IMG ticket being a full priced IMG Worlds of Adventure General Admission ticket (including VIP Packages) purchased at the gate, tickets purchased online at www.imgworlds.com or tickets purchased through participating sales channels under the Promotion period starting on 14 July 2019 and ending until all qualifying IMG Park tickets under the Promotion are consumed but in any event no later than 30 September 2019 (“Qualifying Ticket”) and who successfully passes the entire verification procedure administered by the Service Provider on the website www.flyfreewithimg.com within the time limits specified and subject to these Terms and Conditions is considered eligible to take part in this Promotion (“Participant”). It shall be the purchaser’s sole responsibility to verify that its purchase is eligible for participation in the Promotion.

3. Qualifying Tickets are also subject to the Advertisers own terms and conditions as detailed on its website www.imgworlds.com. These terms and conditions may be amended by the Advertiser at its sole discretion without prior notification and in any manner including but not limited to adjusting the general admission ticket rates, the dates of any promotion except where a Participant is in possession of a Qualifying Ticket.

4. This Promotion is only open to a qualifying Participant who purchases a Qualifying Ticket where at least the lead passenger of the application is aged eighteen (18), or above. Any Participant below 18 years, must be accompanied by an adult. Along with the Voucher, each Participant needs to be in possession of all the required travel documents that are valid for at least six (6) months from the return date of any issued flight ticket and the Participant shall be solely responsible for any country specific entry requirements including visas and costs thereon.

5. Subject to these Terms and Conditions, the Service Provider offers the below free flight and flight discounts to a Participant who purchases a Qualifying Ticket during the promotion period. The maximum number of Qualifying Tickets that can be purchased by one individual in a single transaction is 10 (ten).

The Participant must keep and maintain the Qualifying Ticket as Proof of Purchase at all times till the completion of the return flight journey.
Subject to these Terms and Conditions, the Service Provider will offer to each Participant holding a Qualifying Ticket:

i. One return fare Free Flights per qualifying voucher code, which can be combined with second qualifying voucher code and

ii. 50% discount on the Air Ticket Price for accompanying passengers (3rd and 4th passenger as per below) to any Participant during the Promotion period that correctly redeems their Voucher in accordance with the terms and conditions set out below. Discount applies to the base fare only.

In total the Participant can combine up to 4 Free Flight Codes per application.

• The Participant can use one Voucher code per Qualifying Ticket to claim their free flight.
• The Participant can choose to take a companion on the same flight by using two Voucher codes on one booking.
• In all of the cases, for any air ticket to be issued, the Participant shall pay for all taxes, passenger duty, fuel surcharges, service charge and airport fees, however, this amount will not exceed AED 99 per air ticket per person.
• Standard Luggage allowance as per airline’s baggage policy shall apply.
• Standard meal policy as per airline’s policy shall apply.

6. The Participant is required to redeem the digit alphanumeric Voucher code stated on the Qualifying Ticket at the Service Provider’s website www.flyfreewithimg.com. The Participant can start their application earliest 2 days after the purchase of the Qualifying ticket and latest 21 days after the date of purchase of the Qualifying Ticket. The actual visit to the IMG Theme Park can be on a different date as per IMG World of Adventures standard terms and conditions published on its website www.imgworlds.com.

7. The Participant(s) can enter up to 4 (four) Voucher codes in any one application and should complete the online application form along with their name, e­mail, and select the departure airport, three different destinations, three different travel dates and the duration of their stay. The first requested travel dates must be at least 45 calendar days from the day of the application by the Participant on the Service Provider’s website. Outbound travel dates must be in different months and at least 30 calendar days apart. Any of the 3 (three) chosen destinations can be offered by the Service Provider at any of the given selected dates.

8. The Service Provider will email the Participant a personalized link within 7 days from the date of it receiving the correctly completed application form.

9. The Participant has to log and complete the required information using the personalized email link within 72 hours of receiving the email link from the Service Provider, and upload the proof of purchase (i.e. Qualifying Ticket) containing the Voucher code. Failure to comply with this step in given timeline will lead to the Participant being ineligible for this Promotion.

10. After successful validation and after receipt of all qualifying documents by the Service Provider, the Participant will receive the confirmation email from the Service Provider containing the link within 7 calendar days.

11. The Participant must log onto the link sent by the Service Provider to the email address provided by the Participant within 72 hours of receiving the link from the Servicer Provider. The Participant shall provide their personal details (address, phone number, date of birth) and also upload relevant pages of their passport along with all details and passport pages of all other passengers flying along.

12. After receiving all qualifying documents, the Participant will receive a flight offer by e­mail within fourteen (14) days from the Service Provider. Once a specific flight offer has been received, the Participant must notify the Service Provider within forty-eight (48) hours, as to whether the Participant wishes to accept the offer or not. (Failure to comply this step would lead to invalidity of the ticket)

13. Within 1 working day of accepting the offer by the Participant, the Participant will be issued via email with a payment link in respect of all taxes, passenger duty, fuel surcharges, service charge and airport fees (which will not exceed AED 99 per passenger per air ticket) and charges towards companion passengers (3rd & 4th) included in the same application and listed in the flight offer. The Participant has to pay these charges with using a valid credit card within 72 hours of receiving the payment link from the Service Provider.

14. Subject to receiving confirmation from the Participant, the Service Provider will email the Participant an e-ticket(s) to the Participant within 2 (two) working days of receiving payment under Clause 13 above. It is the Participant's responsibility to check the ticket details immediately and inform the Service Provider within 24 hours of receipt of the e-ticket(s) should the ticket details be incorrect. No cancellations or changes will be accepted after 24 hours of issuance of the e-ticket(s).

15. The following airports of departure and destination are available:

Abu Dhabi Dubai / Sharjah Riyadh Delhi Mumbai Amsterdam London Paris Rome
Amman Amman Abha Bangalore Bangkok Barcelona Amsterdam Amsterdam Amsterdam
Bahrain Bahrain Abu Dhabi Chandigarh Colombo Berlin Barcelona Barcelona Budapest
Baku Baku Al-Aqiq Chennai Doha London Budapest Budapest Brussels
Beirut Beirut Alexandria Colombo Dubai / Sharjah Manchester Brussels Brussels Cologne
Bucharest Bucharest Amman Dubai / Sharjah Kathmandu Milan Copenhagen Dublin Dublin
Cairo Cairo Beirut Kanpur Male Nice Krakow London Krakow
Cebu Cebu Bisha Kathmandu Phuket Paris Madrid Prague London
Colombo Colombo Cairo Kochi (Cochin) Prague Milan Rome Nice
Dammam Dammam Dammam Lucknow Rome Oslo Warsaw Paris
Delhi Delhi Dubai / Sharjah Mumbai Paris Prague
Istanbul Istanbul Quassim Patna Prague
Karachi Karachi Hail Ranchi Rome
Kiev Kiev Istanbul Venice
Kochi (Cochin) Kochi (Cochin) Jazan Warsaw
Kuwait Kuwait Jeddah
Lahore Lahore Karachi
Manila Manila Kochi (Cochin)
Mumbai Mumbai Kuwait
Muscat Muscat Medina
Riyadh Riyadh Manila
Athens Athens Mumbai

16. The available destinations depend on the airport of departure and not all destinations are available from all listed points of departures at all times. The availability of flights may be limited depending on the chosen destination or travel time. The choice of carrier is at the sole discretion of the Service Provider. The Participant is not entitled to demand a particular carrier, route or travel date. The itinerary will have a maximum of one stopover if there is no direct flight available.

17. All flights are subject to booking availability. This promotional offer is not valid for journeys over Eid Days (22.05.2020-26.05.2020 and 30.07.2020 to 02.08.2020), Christmas Holidays and New Year's Day (23.12.2019-02.01.2020) as well as 20.08.2020. During some holidays (e.g. religious or school), travel dates may be restricted depending on the chosen destination and travel time. The availability of flights may also be restricted by special events at the point of departure and/or destination including but not limited to trade fairs or local holidays.

18. Airlines sell a selection of fares online to direct customers which may not be available to the wider industry such as businesses, third party travel agents and comparison sites. Any discount is taken from the ticket fare may be made available to the Service Provider as a third-party travel agent. Free flights cannot be used in combination with each other. Frequent Flyer points cannot be used as payment. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer in the Park or on Tickets.

19. In exceptional circumstances, if this Promotion does not entitle the Participant to travel via a particular route, carrier or on a particular date, the Participant may be offered an alternative destination or travel date to the one requested.

20. All bookings are subject to Airline fare rules. All bookings once issued are non-changeable, non-refundable and non-transferable.

21. All travel (departure and return) must be completed within 12 months from the date of issuance of IMG tickets. The minimum stay is two (2) calendar days and the maximum stay is thirty (30) calendar days

22. The Advertiser or the Service Provider do not accept liability for any changes to flight schedules, routes or destinations and reserve the right to use other service providers as an alternative.

23. Subject to the Terms and Conditions of this Promotion and the Advertisers standard terms and conditions, in the event of war, earthquake, disaster or similar acts of God, or otherwise where there are circumstances wholly outside the reasonable control of the Advertiser or Service Provider and where these circumstances make this unavoidable, the Advertiser or Service Provider reserve the right to withdraw this Promotion without notice and without offering any compensation.

24. The right of the Participant and any person travelling with the Participant to claim compensation is subject to carrier regulatory provisions. The Advertiser or the Service Provider are not liable for compensation related to failures by the carrier.

25. No cash alternative will be offered in exchange for this Promotion.

26. Qualifying Ticket, the Voucher, Airline Tickets, Advertiser’s General Admission tickets and confirmation received during the Participant’s application process are personal, and cannot be re-issued, transferred, sold, re-sold, refunded, replaced, exchanged or returned for any reason whatsoever whether in cash or in kind.

27. The Service Provider reserves the right to request for the original Qualifying Ticket, proof of purchase/proof of payment of the Qualifying Ticket from the Participant at any stage. Furthermore, the Service Provider reserves the right to verify all claims, check the content of all applications and registrations to ensure the Participant's compliance with these Terms and Conditions and the terms and conditions of the Advertiser and to refuse to award a flight or withdraw a flight entitlement where there are reasonable grounds for the Service Provider to believe there has been a breach of these Terms and Conditions or the terms and conditions of the Advertiser or any instructions forming part of this Promotion entry requirements or otherwise where a Participant has gained unfair advantage in participating in the Promotion or claimed the same using fraudulent means.

28. Personal data captured during the course of the promotion shall be processed in accordance with applicable data protection laws and regulations. The personal data shall be processed for the purpose of execution of this promotion. Other than as required under a court order, no personal data shall be passed to third parties except where these are required for booking and other promotion fulfilment purposes. If a Participant provides their consent during the registration on the Service Provider’s redemption website, by ticking the marketing and third party Tick Box, it therefore allows the Advertiser to use the data to contact the Participant for its general promotional purposes.

29. The Advertiser and the Service Provider shall not accept any responsibility for claims lost and delayed or for those claims not received by the application cut-off dates mentioned above due to any IT related issue whether on the part of the Advertiser, Service Provider or the Participant. It is the Participant's responsibility to ensure that correct details are provided, received by the Service Provider for claims to be processed within the strict timelines given. The Advertiser and the Service Provider will not be liable for any traffic congestion or internet inaccessibility.

30. By participating in this promotion, and ticking the Terms and Conditions Box the Participant shall be deemed to have fully accepted all these Terms and Conditions relating to the Promotion as may be amended for time to time. By purchasing tickets for entry into IMG World of Adventures, the consumer shall deemed to have fully accepted all the Advertisers terms and conditions as stated in its website www.imgworlds.com as may be amended from time to time.

31. All written correspondence shall be sent to the addresses as shown on the campaign website www.flyfreewithimg.com Participants who have queries or complaints about the promotion may only contact the Service Provider who is responsible for providing all the services at the corresponding address, or alternatively call by phone or email the Service Provider using the contact details on the campaign website www.flyfreewithimg.com.

32. Participants understand, acknowledge and accept that failure to comply with all the provisions of the documentation, timelines and information in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, will lead to the Participant being ineligible for this Promotion without further notification and therefore lose the right to receive the free flight ticket without any liability whatsoever being incurred by the Service Provider or the Advertiser.

Enjoy your free flight on one of the airlines listed here and many more:
Etihad Airways
Gulf Air
Kuwait Airways
Oman Air
Royal Jordanian
SriLankan Airlines
Turkish Airlines
Saudia Arabian Airlines